The fountain of the Pavilion Rose

01 au 21 Aug 2020

Place : Malaucene (Vaucluse)

Participants: Adults

Workcamp description:

After having rebuilt dry stone walls at Groseau, in July, our attention will turn, in August, to the grounds of the so-called Pink Pavilion, or Pavillon du Colombier.

In 2019, a team of volunteers restored the retaining walls around the pavilion but this year, you’ll work of the main part of the site, the ancient retaining wall with its trompe l’œil fountain. The wall renders are in a poor state and no longer protect the stone. Parts of the fresco are in danger of falling away and a section of the wall has already collapsed. Your job will be rebuild it.

Workcamp programme:

  • Shift earth away from the foot of the collapsed wall and rebuild the missing part
  • Replace the masonry
  • Repair stonework and reinstate the frescos
  • Apply several coats of wall render

Building techniques: Masonry and lime wall rendering

Special bonus: This is the third year in a row of workcamps at Malaucène, which means you can take full advantage of all the tips for things to do and best places to go from our previous volunteers!

Accommodation: In tents in a campsite, just 15 minutes’ walk from the workcamp. You can bring your own tent.

Workcamp life:

Help out, in turn, with daily tasks (cooking, cleaning). Building work in the mornings, Mon-Fri. Free time in afternoons and weekends, with a choice of group excursions and activities.

Some ideas for excursions: Hikes on Mont Ventoux, in the Toulourenc Gorges, visits to nearby towns and villages such as Vaison la Romaine, Bédoin, the wine-growing towns of Vacqueyras and Gigondas or time at the famous Avignon theatre festival.

A bit of history:

Malaucene sits on the north side of Mont Ventoux and is thought to have been a settlement since prehistoric times. In the 14th century, Pope Clement V made it his summer residence, choosing a location close to a spring and the Groseau Chapel. The imposing Saint Michel Church was also built around the same period, while for the last 700 years, the town has held one of the oldest markets in Provence, every Wednesday.

The town regularly features in the Tour de France cycle race and many cyclists throng to Malaucene to test themselves against the Giant of Provence.

The Pink Pavilion was built in 1865 and was part of a large agricultural estate, serving as a reception venue amid nice gardens. It was listed as folly in the 19th century and story has it that lovers used to sometimes meet there.