The village cobblestone lane

31 Jul 2021 au 20 Aug 2021

Place : Revest des Brousses (Alpes de Haute Provence)

Participant: Adults

Workcamp description:

The cobblestone lane in the small village of Revest des Brousses, in the Alpes de Haute Provence, was laid several decades ago and is now in crumbling away, with several parts presenting a danger for users. The village council has therefore asked the Union APARE-CME to come in and restore it.

Workcamp programme:

  • Reset the cobblestones, with a central drainage channel
  • Pack the cobblestone sets with lime mortar
  • Build a gently sloping cobblestone lane with speed bumps

Building technique: Laying cobblestone sets in lime mortar

Special bonus : You’ll be helping to restore a typical Luberon village that will improve the lives of local residents.

Accommodation: Tents at the municipal sportsground, with access to toilets/showers and changing rooms. The sportsground is just 10 minutes by car from the workcamp.  Bring your own tent if you like.

Workcamp life: Restoration work in the mornings from Monday to Friday and help with daily tasks, such as preparing meals and cleaning (taking turns). Free time in the afternoons and at weekends, with a choice of group excursions and activities.

Some ideas for excursions: Hikes in the Montagne Lure and Luberon, visits to Oppedette, Simiane la Rotonde and Banon, swimming.

A bit of history:

Revest des Brousses sits on a hillside with outstandingly scenic views of the Montagne de Lure. The village is in the Luberon Regional Nature Park and has many historic sites and monuments to discover.

Among its cultural treasures, don’t miss a visit to the middle-age fortified walls and a section that has survived to the present day. Other highlights include the Mourres Gateway, with its 15th century box machicolation or the side-aisles the 14th century Saint Côme and Saint Damien Church, with its square bell tower.

The old castle was built in the 17th century and was subsequently used for many years as a prison and then home to the village council for some years.

A Roman road called the “Chemin de la Poste” from Valsaintes, crosses the village and the Gubian River before continuing on to Ongles. Some sections have been well preserved where it is still paved and lined with impressive retaining walls in various places.


Steps to follow :

  1. Register online by clicking on "Registration"
  2. Fill in the questionnaire and click on "I register"
  3. Pay your registration online to validate it
  4. We will contact you to confirm your registration

Conditions :

Registration fees : 170 €

Public : Adults

Duration : 3 weeks

Conditions of participation