Saint Michel chapel - Eco-responsible experimental workcamp

31 Jul 2021 au 20 Aug 2021

Place: La Roque Alric ( Vaucluse)

Participants: Adults

Warning: involves working at height

The village of La Roque Alric sits atop a rocky peak with commanding views of the surrounding countryside. It lies north of Carpentras, between the Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux, in the Department of Vaucluse. For 2021, the village is hosting volunteers from the Union APARE-CME to restore the stonework of Saint Michel Chapel.

Workcamp programme:

  • Removal of surface cement and mortar from the passage.
  • Rejointing and repairs to stonework, if necessary
  • Reinstating specific stonework

Building technique: Lime mortar stonework

Added extra: Be at one with nature at this eco-responsible workcamp!

Accommodation: In tents, wild camping in the countryside, dry toilets and solar showers.

The workcamp is located close to the accommodation area, about 10 minutes by car. The area is in a preserved natural environment. The objective is to use the area in a way that respects the environment and its ecosystem in order to educate and teach volunteers about responsible and sustainable actions that they in turn can pass on to future generations..

Workcamp life: Restoration work in the mornings from Monday to Friday and help with daily tasks, such as preparing meals and cleaning (taking turns). Free time in the afternoons and at weekends, with a choice of group excursions and activities.

Some ideas for excursions: Hikes in the Dentelles de Montmirail, watch the sunset from Mont Ventoux vineyard visits, swimming in the Toulourenc River, visits to Vaison la Romaine and Orange.

A bit of history:

The word “Roque”, or “Rocca” in Provencal, means rock as well as an elevated stronghold. Alric comes from German and means “all mighty” (al: all and ric: king). The village was also called La Roque Henry from the 16th to 18th centuries, probably by the religious authorities who wanted to make the name more Christian. It was then renamed La Roque Alric at the time of the French Revolution.

Sites to see: The village setting and its houses built on the hillside, the 13th century church rebuilt in the early 18th century and the 11th century Romanesque St Michel Chapel, in the cemetery which is currently being rescued and restored.


Steps to follow :

  1. Register online by clicking on "Registration"
  2. Fill in the questionnaire and click on "I register"
  3. Pay your registration online to validate it
  4. We will contact you to confirm your registration

Conditions :

Registration fees : 170 €

Public : Adults

Duration : 3 weeks

Places available

Conditions of participation