A public garden for Rasteau!

03 au 23 Aug 2019

Place : Rasteau (Vaucluse)

Public : Adults

 While Rasteau is mainly known for its wine-making heritage, it is nevertheless a hilltop village, just like those elsewhere in Provence, with outstanding views of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail hills.

This hilltop site is thought to have been inhabited since prehistoric times, although the first references to a village appear in the 11th century.

The castle that adjoins SaintDidier Churchon the hilltop may also date back to this period although little remains of this building today.

Houses in the village tumble down the hill and envelope the 18th century votive Notre Dame des Vignerons Chapel and the Place Lapparent. The “place”, or square, was named after its donator who wanted the village to keep it as a play area for children and other festivities, but your focus will be on the parish garden, located below SaintDidier Church which was recently acquired by the village council.

At the moment it is covered in weeds, but it still has an unmistakable charm, with some old wells, a rostrum and a small colonnade.

This workcamp is a proper development project and involves lime mortar and dry-stone masonry techniques, as well as clearing the undergrowth.

You’ll also have the chance to discover the local area which is brimming with cultural, historical and natural heritage. There’s the ancient town of Vaison la Romaine, the Arc de Triomphe in Orange and the papal city of Avignon, as well as hiking on Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence, or in theDentelles de Montmirail hills and the Gorges de l’Ouvèze.


Special bonus : This workcamp also gives you the opportunity to learn about local wine-making techniques and enjoy a tasting session too.

Type of work : Conventional masonry, dry stone masonry, landscaping.

Accommodation : On separate dormitory.