The Rampart, saving medieval heritage and splashing around

06 au 26 Jul 2019

Place : Le Thor (Vaucluse)

Public : Adults

Please note this workcamp entails working at height

Le Thor is a farming town and the ancient heartland of both Chasselas wine grapes and Garance. It has however managed to keep its roots from the past thousand years, such as the ancient fortified monastery on the Colline de Thouzon hill and its imposing, listed Romanesque church on both sides of its 12th century opus piscatum, herring-bone ramparts.

Popular legend has it that the town’s name relates to a bull made to kneel several times at a drinking trough fed by the Sorgue River, where a small statue of the Virgin Mary was found.

In reality, the term“Tor”was commonly used geographical word used locally in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries to describe boggy areas.

Le Thor’s ramparts are thought to date back to that same period when there were there were 4 gates. Now, only one remains, the present-day and recently restored belfry.

Your task will be to help restore these medieval ramparts running alongside the Sorgue River, in one of the most peaceful spots in the town. The foot of the walls is in a poor state, but you will help rebuild the ramparts and master the herring-bone, or opus piscatum, building technique.

 As you’ll be just a few kilometres from Avignon, you will of course experience the world’s biggest theatre festival and enjoy all the cultural events on offer. Other highlights will be hikes in the Dentelles de Montmirail hills, Mont Ventoux, and the Monts de Vaucluse, a dip in the Toulourenc River and kayaking on the Sorgue.

Special bonus : As the workcamp is on the banks of the Sorgue, you can always cool down in the water and avoid the worst of the summer heat in our region.

Type of work: Conventional masonry and rendering

AccomodationSeparate male and female dormitories, in big tents. You can bring your own tent.