Set up wetlands for biodiversity

10 au 25 Aug 2019

Place : Bonzée and its surroundings (Meuse)

Public : Adults

The work will consist in the layout, the maintenance, the reopening of wetlands : 

-Maintenance of the site

-Clearing (cutting bushes, trees…)

-Cutting bushes, willows

-Cleaning and restoration of a reed bed

-Cutting and evacuating of big trees

The young volunteers will be welcomed at CPIE of Meuse. They will be housed and fed in the House of Arsen.

Special bonus :  The camps takes place in Bonzee in Meuse department, you will discover a new area, out of Provence, thanks to our partnership with the CPIE of Meuse. 

Type of work : Landscaping, maintenance of site

Accommodation : In a house