Le Groseau, an iconic, historic site 1

07 au 27 Jul 2018

Place: Malaucène ( Vaucluse)

 Public : Adults

The Groseau Valley and, more precisely, the spring of the same name, has been an iconic site for Malaucène for thousands of years. In fact, traces of human occupation in this valley have been found dating back more than 5,500 years. There is a later, Celtic-Ligurianinscription near thespring, which makes reference to the divinity of the “Grosellos”.A convent was built on the site in the 7th century and served as a residence for the Pope Clément V. From the 15th century, the source of the Groseau was channelled to power flour and oil mills and then a paper plant in 1557, which employed 500 people. Geological deposits around the site were also exploited. Gypsum was mined from 1920 to 1955 and there are relics from the buildings and ovens from the old plaster works. 

Now, the whole site around the Groseau is undergoing a vast renovation programme. The area around the chapel (listed in 1853) and the spring, plaster works and paper mills are central to a tourism development project for the Groseau Valley, with the creation of a visitor trail from the village. 

You will be working on rebuilding dry-stone walls that will eventually border this path, called the Gypsum workers’ trail.

When your work is over, some of the highlights of your leisure programme will include swimming in the Ouvèze and the Toulourenc rivers, hiking on Mont Ventoux and in the Dentelles de Montmirail hills, as well as visits the historic towns of Vaison la Romaine and Orange.

Nature of work: Dry-stone masonry

Accommodation: Separate male/female dormitories